Sunday Best – The Cambridge Chop House

I’m always in two minds about Sunday lunch out. It’s a bit of a cop-out; doing a roast at home is easy, isn’t it? And there’s all the lovely leftovers to cook with for a few days after. A cheeky chicken risotto or a lamb biryani. Re-roasted spuds dunked in a fried egg. It’s all even better a few days on.

But then there’s the washing up. The fridge full of stinky chicken that even the dog doesn’t fancy when there hasn’t been time to use it up. Those are the moments I toy with embarking on a mission to find the Best Sunday Lunch Out.

The Cambridge Chop House set the bar pretty high. A stone’s throw from King’s College Chapel, it has a great view (unless you’re in the basement, as we were, but didn’t even care) and means you can also have a sharpener at The Eagle on Benet Street round the corner beforehand. (A pretty decent roast to be had there but that’s another story.)

Between the four of us, we pretty much had a bit of everything. Me? I had the Roquefort, glazed fig & cranberry salad (it didn’t blow my mind, to be fair) before perfectly rare roast sirloin (amazing horseradish and vibrant greens) with a perfectly crisp yet gooey Yorkshire pud. In some sort of pork-ordering calamity, we also ended up with a pint mug stuffed with crackling – currently on the menu as a starter and hideously moreish. Go, just for that!

I don’t eat pudding (I’d rather have a jug of cracking crackling all to myself instead ta) but somehow devoured an Advocaat crème brûlée complete with a dinky gingerbread dude. Wonderfully sweet but with the brandy cutting through, it was so unctuous I couldn’t help scooping out every last molecule with my finger. I don’t know who thought of putting Advocaat into an already-creamy desert but I truly love that person. I actually do.

Ok, so Sunday lunch out is a treat. An indulgence. But I can’t cook roast beef like the Cambridge Chop House. Or do their puddings. And apart from that, the atmosphere is just so great. People watching at its best. The ideal place to while away a few hours – preferably with a pint of crackling. Did I mention the crackling?

Not cheap but worth taking a punt on. Ho ho. See what I did there?

The Sunday lunch bar’s set high.  Where’s your fave Sunday eat-out treat?

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