Floc de Gascogne

Ooh la la.  Floc de Gascogne.  I bloody love French stuff.   Just saying ‘Floc de Gascogne’ is making me woozy.  Le sigh.

You know when you go to a food festival and feel obliged to try absolutely everything?  Then you promise each stallholder that you’ll be back in a bit and they never see you again?  Reader, I went back!

This was my fave find at the Colchester Food & Drink Festival last weekend.  It’s a sweet-ish liqueur made by blending two thirds barely-fermented grape juice with the other third young Armagnac brandy.  The recipe’s been going strong in Gascogny since the 16th century and oh, mon dieu, it’s delicious.  I’m loving it straight and super-chilled (the Floc, not me!) but it’s also good mixed with fruit and lemonade, Pimms-style.

It’s matured in barrels for nine months (but way more fun than a  baby!) for scientiffical reasons that I won’t go into here.

The rosé (my preference) is a glorious colour, bursting with raspberries.  The white – a bit more grape-y and not my personal cuppa – is light and refreshing.  If you like Pineau then you’ll love this.

You can buy it online here – but they will be at the Essex Food & Drink Festival mid-July too and that’s always good for a mooch.

I really like this – can you tell??  The only downside?  I should have bought more than one bottle.  Ouf, comme ils disent en français.